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Top 20 design companies in the world

System engineering or Engineering System Design (ESD) is an interdisciplinary field of engineering and technical management that aims at designing and managing complex systems over the life cycles. Complicated issues such as requirements engineering, logistics, reliability, coordination of different groups, evaluation and testing, maintainability and lots of other disciplines necessary for a successful system modification, development, implementation, design and ultimate decommission became more and more difficult when dealing with such complex projects. FMB  will not only be focusing just on laser cutting, bending  and fabrication works in stainless steel,  mild steel, and aluminium, but also sharing companies that provide such system design services.

This is a work for professionals and there are many leading companies out there who are determined to support you in your need. Here are the list top 20 companies around the world who are giving engineering system design related services at an economical rate yet, with a high standard.


Energy System Design, Inc.

The majority of ESD’s engineering and Design staff are LEED Accredited Professionals, who speaks for the sustainable, innovative engineering design approach. As leading experts in sustainable designing, they incorporate a responsible and worldwide view of energy consumption by using low energy building systems & renewable technology wherever and whenever possible. Besides, they also offer engineering related consultancy to help decide many crucial decision that requires an eye from professional engineers.


Design Systems, Inc.

They are a multi-disciplined engineering design company with more than 300 pairs of sharp eyes and genius intellect. For about 35 years, Design System is providing engineering solution efficiently and making the facilities and plants more efficient. They believe that their success is measured by their client’s success and this is what sets Design System, Inc apart from any other engineering system design service providers.


Environmental System Design, Inc.

Since its foundation in 1967 by Hem Gupta, ESD, a global engineering solution company has been dedicated to building sustainable tools and machines for your workshop. Other than designing and making them in their factory, they also provide, electrical, plumbing, mechanical engineering related services and fire protection. With their services, they are determined to embrace technological change to build more developed infrastructures.


East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd

This Chinese company has been a landmark due to its years of experience in engineering design services. Since 1963, the company has successfully finished 2000+ projects for national international clients.

Their team consists of some of the world’s best engineers who not only have the skills to get everything done and going but also have vast experience to know where the production can go wrong and how to fix it.



With cutting-edge German technology, EUROSOL is an efficient solution to all your engineering needs that requires a balanced between high standard and cost efficiency. Their team is extremely skilled and have years of experience designing plants and projects which made the best use of the resources.


Air Systems Engineering, Inc.

Air Systems Engineering, Inc. has been providing fabrication, design, installation, maintenance, and services of ventilation, heating, air condition, etc. for industrial and commercial facilities since 1973. With their 40 years of experience, they have built a customer base around the globe. Their main expertise lies in reducing energy loss to cut production cost for factories and workshop.


AECOM Since 1990, AECOM is making plans for different businesses, companies, and government and helping them get over any engineering dilemma. They make sure that your infrastructures are in the best condition to utilize your resources. Their consultancy team consists of some of the genius minds who think of doing something innovative every single day.



Woolpert is an AEG firm (Architecture, Engineering, and geospatial) that provides value to their clients by strategically combining Woolpert’s engineering excellence with their leading-edge technology and the geospatial applications. Their motto is to help their client’s progress and to become more progressive. Clearly, they have been successful in doing so over the 100 years of their business establishment.



HDR is a respected global leader which is ranked No. 9 among the world’s biggest design firms, specializing in engineering, environmental, architectural and construction service. They are the largest health-care design firm too. And they prefer to lead by their strength of their values & the culture formed by employee ownership. Their co-operative and expert team build on each other’s contribution and collaboration that makes great things possible.



WSP is a leading engineering professional services and design consulting firm who is dedicated to the local communities & run by international brainpower. They have strategic advisors and technical experts including environmental specialists, engineers, surveyors, planners, architect, scientists, and technicians, as well as other construction management, program, design professionals. With more than 42000 employees all over the world, they are really a ruler of this industry.


System design Consultants Inc.

SDC is an electrical and mechanical engineering firm which is committed to providing clients with creative and personal services since 1988. System Design Consultant has successfully designed electrical and mechanical systems for new and existing retail, office, and industrial facilities, etc. SDC personnel deliver a wide range of technical and engineering services in the fields of plumbing, electrical, lighting and mechanical design analysis and the implementation.


Synergy Process Systems

Synergy Process Systems is basically a partnership company, which was incorporated in 2002 at India. They offer comprehensive solutions in the Separations & Thermal Technology. Also, Services in detailed engineering, basic engineering, process design for Chemical and relevant Industries. Their detailed engineering services include mechanical, instrumental, piping, structural, civil, and electrical works. With its wide array of associations in supply and engineering, Synergy Process Systems is able to offer most suitable services from concept till commissioning stage, under a single roof.


Clark Patterson Lee

Anything related to engineering, planning, and architecture, Clark Patterson Lee will get it done with its team of highly experienced planners and engineers. From the year 1975, they have proven their worth and place in this engineering system design industry and they have a long plan for their future where they contribute to safe, efficient, convenient engineering solutions throughout the world.



The Stantec community has over 22,000 employees who are working in more than 400 locations across 6 continents. They collaborate across industries to bring mechanical, infrastructure, environmental, resource, energy, building projects to life. Their local strength, relationships, and knowledge, coupled with their world-class expertise, have allowed them to go anywhere and meet their clients’ needs in a more personalized and creative ways.


Engineering Design Systems, Inc

Engineering Design Systems Inc. is a well-known local Autodesk Authorized Reseller which is dedicated to serving the Eastern part of United States by providing a large number of services including, technical, instructional, implementation, consulting, and installation support. They have experienced personnel who are specialized in Mechanical, Architecture, Civil, Mapping, and MEP applications.



Neilsoft is a renowned Engineering Services and Solutions Company who are serving their clients with a wide range of engineering implementation to help improve their engineering proficiency, support the global footprints and improving their competitiveness. Domain knowledge, leveraging technology and their robust work planning methodology ensures an efficient worldwide delivery model for the engineering services project. For this, Neisoft has appeared as a company-of-choice for the leading multinational companies.


Drive Design System

Drive System Design is one of the award-winning engineering services and consultancy, specialized in designing, developing and controlling the transmission & future driveline system. They were founded in 2007 and the company’s staffs have years of experience working on designing new technology and solving problem that makes their products even more competitive. By working closely with their customers through the technical center in North America and Europe, DSD is recognized as one of the leading experts in the industry.


HKS, Inc.

HKS is a design firm with more than 1,400 anthropologists, architects, artists, scientists, urban designers, interior designers and more. They work all together across different industries and different countries to create places that stimulate the peak performance. HKS also have their dedicated research team who are devoted to discovering ideas and processes that improve the outcome for everyone.


Design and Engineering Systems

Design and Engineering Systems is another leading infrastructure development, engineering, a construction company in Pakistan. They use cutting-edge technology and experienced engineers to solve your engineering related problems.


Baker Barrios Architects

Since Baker Barrios Architects’ inception in 1993, it continued to enrich communities by contributing to next generation of designs. Due to their recent successful projects, they are highlighted amongst the leading companies who deal with mechanical, architectural, industrial constructions.


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